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Kapler Watches BP (Scott Potter photo)

(Steve Potter, a longtime Phillies fan, will file spring training reports which will be posted on Phillies Insider blog).

Today Jared Eickhoff joined the pre-camp work crew at Carpenter Complex as players continued to get ready for the season.

Pitchers threw bullpen sessions on the seven mounds located between the minor league clubhouse and the big, red indoor workout building. I couldn’t see who was throwing but my guess is that it was the guys who threw on Tuesday.

Mitch Walding took grounders at third. New bench coach Rob Thomson jumped in to hit Mitch a few but his first attempt was a line drive that sailed over Mitch’s head. My buddy Jim felt obligated to give Thomson a Philly welcome and booed him for the effort, followed by a “welcome to Philly” comment. Thomson smiled and graciously acknowledged.

The position players then took BP from coach Rob Ducey. New skipper Gabe Kapler came over and stood behind the cage. He shook hands with the guys when they were finished hitting. He and Roman Quinn spoke for a while which I think is exemplary of Kapler’s openness. Roman has battled injuries and to me it seemed as if his spirits were lifted by the conversation, a good sign.

Kapler took time to sign autographs and chatted with us as well. He’s a very personable man it seems and upbeat. He even acknowledged my book. I think we got ourselves a really good leader with this fella.

Guys will be back at work on Monday as they take the weekends off at this point. That changes when camp officially starts as they will go seven days each week.

(Potter is the author of a new book, A Fan’s View, 2nd annual Phillies Minor League Digest. It is available on

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