Clearwater Report

(Steve Potter, a longtime Phillies fan, will file spring training reports which will be posted on Phillies Insider blog).

Two new arrivals Thursday to the Carpenter Complex, pitchers Vince Velasquez and Tom Eshelman. There are now 21 pitchers and 6 position players here informally working out.

After the morning stretches and sprints the guys broke into two groups. The pitchers worked on Carlton Field doing Pitcher’s Fielding Practice ( PFP’s) with coach Ray Burris hitting grounders to guys at first base ( they split into two lines with the other line of pitchers on the mound) and the pitchers running over to cover the bag when the ball was fielded and tossed to them by the fielder at first. It was a fun drill as coach Burris kept everyone hopping with his nicknames for each fielder😁.

On Roberts Field outfielders took fly balls from Clearwater manager Shawn Williams and infielders took grounders from GCL manager Roly De Armas. The two coaches then threw BP to the guys in the cages.

After the pitchers broke their drill they gathered in a circle and Mark Leiter was brought to the center, they ended their on-field workout with an “E-A-G-L-E-S” chant. Pretty cool 👍 cheer for their sports campus mates back in Philly.

Tomorrow pitchers who threw on Tuesday should toss bullpen sessions gain. Onwards towards the opening of official camp on February 14.

(Potter is the author of a new book, A Fan’s View, 2nd annual Phillies Minor League Digest. It is available on

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