2007 Rewind….a day-by-day look at that magical September

Ryan Howard (Getty Images)

By Paul Hagen

Ten years ago the Phillies staged one of the most remarkable stretch run comebacks in baseball history. On September 12 they were thumped by the Rockies, 12–0, to fall seven games behind the Mets with just 17 games left. No team in baseball had ever overcome that large a deficit with so few games remaining.

Over the next two weeks, we’ll take a day-by-day look at that magical run through excerpts from “A September to Remember,” a feature in the 2017 Phillies Yearbook.

Monday, September 17, 2007 
Beat Cardinals, 13–11, at Busch Stadium. 2 ½ GB.

One of the enduring story lines of the Phillies run was the work done by relievers J.C. Romero in the seventh, Tom (Flash) Gordon in the eighth and closer Brett Myers in the ninth. In this game, though, manager Charlie Manuel had to give them a rest and it was almost costly.

The Phillies were leading, 11–0, going into the bottom of the sixth, but had to hang on to get the win. Centerfielder Aaron Rowand may have saved the game when he made a tumbling catch with two outs and two on in the eighth to rob Ryan Ludwick.

Ryan Howard hit a pair of home runs and drove in five runs.

Meanwhile, the Mets were routed, 12–4, at Washington.

Manuel was relieved to have escaped with the fifth win in a row. “It was trying my heart,” he said. “It was starting to beat a little quick. I’ll have some V.O. tonight when I get back to my room.”

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