New Commissioner?

Bud Selig has announced he is stepping down as the Commissioner of Baseball in 2015. Who will succeed him? Well, I’m gonna throw my hat in the ring. Here’s my platform…..

**Major League Baseball’s offices will move from New York to Clearwater, FL.

**Halloween will be an official holiday for Major League Baseball.

**To speed up the games, relief pitchers will get four warm-up tosses instead of eight.

**To speed up the game, managers seeking a replay review will signal from the dugout, rather than stroll to the umpire in question while looking over his shoulder waiting for a signal from the dugout.

**Intentional walks won’t require four pitches. As soon as the manager signals intentional walk, the batter immediately goes to first base.

**Pete Rose will be reinstated and serve as the Director of Good Will, visiting every major league city.

**Tommy Lasorda will be the Director of Public Relations.

**Weekend World Series games will be played during the day. For all of you fans living west of the Mississippi, this is your opportunity to watch baseball in the morning.

**World Series night games during the week will be replayed the following afternoon for those that live east of the Mississippi.

**All press dining rooms will rotate pork/sauerkraut, turkey, Italian food and lobster tails. Chocolate peanut butter ice cream every night. No asparagus or avocados.

**Replay reviews will stay. Technology will not totally replace umpires.

**But, umpires will be sent to the minors if they don’t perform well.

**Each ballpark will have a female PA announcer on Sundays. Giants excluded as they are already there.

**All games in April, May and September will begin at 6:30 o’clock (in the evening).

**Getaway games will always be day games.

**All hot dogs at all ballparks must be charcoal grilled, not boiled.

**Mascots will make road trips.

**Every team must put player names on jerseys.

**All managers and coaches must wear uniform jerseys during games.

**Home plate collisions will be allowed again. Bang-bang plays at home plate are exciting.

**Despite a dislike for the DH, it will be used in BOTH leagues. After all, both leagues should abide by the same rules.

**The wave will be welcomed at every game. We’ll figure out a sponsor and a contest for the biggest, best and quickest wave.

**Pitchers must tip their cap when leaving the game to an ovation from the fans.

**Time of game will no longer be part of box scores. Baseball isn’t played by a clock so why should it be clocked. Length of games isn’t an issue in the NBA, NFL, NHL or Senior Citizens Bingo games.

**To help clubs meet payrolls, players will have corporate sponsors on their uniforms as they do in auto racing. Just think, during Larry Andersen’s playing days, his sponsor could have been Silly Putty.

For some reason, I doubt I’ll be considered to replace Bud.

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