Countdown Continues

moyerstairsJamie Moyer (left) and Matt Stairs, the new kids on the block, will be back on Phillies telecasts tomorrow, Tuesday night, Wednesday and Thursday. When’s the last time Stairs was in the lineup three straight games?

Opening Day Countdown
30 days before the Phillies season opener in Texas against the AL West Rangers.

Who wore the uniform the longest for the Phillies? Steve Jeltz, six years (1984-89). Blix Donnelly is second, five years (1946-50) and then Dave Cash, three years (1974-76). Darrell Brandon switched from 32 to 30 after Steve Carlton arrived (1972). Justin DeFratus switched from 79 last season to 30 for this year.

Spring Training Fun Fact
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1889–The Phillies set sail from New York for their spring training site in Jacksonville, FL, becoming the first National League team to train in the Sunshine State.

Comment Corner
Karl came through again yesterday, wanting to know if Garry Maddox is in the Phillies Wall of Fame.

Yep, Garry was inducted in 2001. He returns ever year for the Wall of Fame ceremonies.


Glad to hear that Gary gets the love from the WOF… Secretary of Defense! When I was a teenager going to games at the Vet with my friends, we’d see a ball go into the air with the Phillies on the field, and we just shouted “Out!” Favorite quote that Wild Thing has repeated a few times on MLB Network: “Two-thirds of the earth is covered in water, the rest is covered by Gary Maddox…”

Hey Comcast – bring back Wheels and Sarge – these new guys are terrible – they NEVER shut up!!!!!! my ears are burning

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