RIP Jim Fregosi

Thomas frergosi gilesSo shocked and saddened with the passing of Jim Fregosi, a friend. With his vibrant personality, Jim made friends wherever he went.

There are so many memories of Jim. Probably the one that stands out happened in the Executive Dining Room at the Vet years ago. We were having lunch before a trade announcement. I brought up some questions he may get asked. He slid his reading glasses to the end of his nose, looked me in the eye and said, “Baron, I don’t need your coaching.” He was right.

Scouting for the Braves, he was a frequent visitor at Bright House Field during spring training. It was an easy trip as he lived about 10 miles away. Walking into the media lunchroom, you could hear Jim holding court at one of the round tables. He was never sitting alone. Never. It was an empty feeling walking into that room this morning, looking over where he used to sit and realizing the table will now be empty.

When we saluted the 1993 NL champions during Alumni weekend last year, Jim arranged his scouting schedule to be there. He loved his players and they loved him back. Seemed as if he was laughing all weekend long. He really enjoyed being with his team. Never thought that would be the last time he would be with the bunch.

Seven years ago, he delivered a eulogy at John Vukovich’s memorial service. We cried then. Now, we’re crying again. Yes, there is crying in baseball.


Thanks Baron for the very touching commentary!

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