Day 1 Done

On a breezy, 56-degree day, spring training officially got underway this morning.

Twenty-eight pitchers and six catchers left the Bright House Clubhouse around 10 and headed for the four diamonds on at Carpenter Complex. Usual stretching and long tossing were the first order of business.

Pitchers are divided into four groups. Groups 1 and 2 threw off the seven mounds. Other two groups will do the same tomorrow.

Biggest attention-getter this morning was Miguel Gonzalez. At one point, 20 people—coaches, Green, Gillick, Wade, Kerfeld, minor league instructors—were all eyes on the right-hander. Included were Larry Andersen and Roy Halladay, guest instructors. First typo of the spring was Andersen’s jersey….Anderson. It was immediately corrected.

Meanwhile, a large group of position players took batting practice at Bright House Field. Their first official day is Tuesday.

Workout ended at 1:30. Ruben and his staff, Ryne and all the coaches and instructors then met at Carpenter Complex. Last fall, the Phillies had an organization meeting which included discussion and direction for the various disciplines of the game. For the next six days, this group will meet to review and fine-tune the topics. Today’s topic was catching.

Comment Corner
Appreciate the comment from Steve, a long-time reader, about the list of alumni announcers in yesterday’s post. Source for the list was the Phillies media guide so I’ll have to check on the other names Steve mentioned.

Praying For Fregosi
Our thoughts and prayers are with Jim Fregosi and his family. We all learned yesterday Jim suffered a stroke while on a cruise. Jim resides in nearby Tarpon Springs, FL, and was a frequent visitor at Bright House Field, scouting for the Braves.

In the past year, the 1993 team has taken a hit….cancer for Daulton, Pratt and Schilling and now Jim.

Jeter To Retire
Derek Jeter announced he’s retiring at the end of this season. He’ll have an emotional-farewell tour.

The Phillies don’t play A. L. east teams this year so the only chance we will have at seeing him one last time is this spring training. The Phillies and Yankees play three times, one at Bright House Field (March 6). Hopefully, he’ll make that short trip from Tampa. It would be neat for Phillies fans to salute him.

J-Roll will become the longest-tenured shortstop next season.

Tyler Kepner of the New York Times wrote an interesting article about Jeter, the fifth player selected in the first round of the 1992 draft. Houston, Cleveland, Montreal, Baltimore and Cincinnati all passed on Derek, who has been on five World Series champions. None of those five teams has won a world title since.

Spring Training Fun Fact
Lunch for players in spring training in 1947 consisted of one sandwich and one small milk. Today, a chef from Lenny’s Restaurant serves breakfast in the Bright House Field clubhouse lunch room every morning starting at 6.

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