P-C Begin Tomorrow


More meetings this morning, golf in the afternoon and then it all starts tomorrow for pitchers and catchers.

It was strange seeing Roy Halladay sitting in the room yesterday morning when Ruben and Ryne began a day-long meeting. When Doc walked in, Bowa asked, “Sure you can’t pitch this season?” Doc smiled, “I’m pretty sure.” Doc will be in camp for a couple of weeks working with pitchers.

Ruben said he and Ryne brought in Doc along with Sarge, LA, Hollins and Lidge for a purpose, to individually work with the players

Ryne spoke about his passion for the game and playing the game right. There will be some changes in the way the players go about things from Day 1. A fresh new approach is in store. Daily spring training schedule comes under third base coach Pete Mackanin.

Ryne relayed a story about his first experience with the Phillies. “Thirty-five years ago I was here in the minor league camp for first time. Stayed at the Days Inn up the road. Took the first morning bus to this complex. Got off the bus and there was Pete Rose hitting in the cages. I’m 19 years old. I just stood and watched. He never swung and missed. Never hit the ball on the ground. Line drives after line drives into the netting. I thought you can be the best you want to be, but never be out-worked.”

First workout begins at 10 a.m. tomorrow at Carpenter Field. Daily practices are open to the public, free admission and free parking.

Tomorrow is also the first day individual game tickets go on sale at Citizens Bank Park and phillies.com.

Alumni Announcers
As has been reported Jamie Moyer and Matt Stairs are the new TV announcers, joining Tom McCarthy. First Grapefruit League game (Blue Jays at Bright House Field) is two weeks away and that’s the first telecast.

Who have been other Alumni to appear in the Phillies broadcast booth? Gee, glad you asked.

Richie Ashburn was the first, starting in 1963. Since then, Robin Roberts, Tim McCarver, Garry Maddox, Mike Schmidt, Jim Fregosi, Jay Johnstone, Kent Tekulve, Larry Andersen, John Kruk and Gary Matthews.

Repeating a note from ESPN.com’s Jayson Stark: This is the first season since 1962 that Ashburn, Harry Kalas or Chris Wheeler has not been part of the broadcasting team.

Did You Know?
Kalas’ first game as a broadcaster with the Houston Colt 45s was 1965, the inaugural game in the Astrodome. The opponent? The Phillies.

Spring Training Fun Fact
The Phillies have been training in Clearwater, FL, since 1947. What team did they replace?

Check out http://www.phillies.com/alumni for a feature that explains how the Phillies landed in Clearwater and a list of other spring training sites.

Jack Russell Memorial Stadium (pictured above) is one of three parks the Phillies have had in Clearwater.



I have no memory of Jim Fregosi broadcasting games, but I just Googled it, and it looks like he was a Phillies broadcaster on SportsChannel at least at the start of 1991 until he replaced Nick Leyva as manager in late April. What is SportsChannel? I don’t know, but it had the same GM as Prism, so perhaps a sister station? Check out this article:


Also, per that article, it looks like the following guys took over for Fregosi–so should they also be ex-Phillie broadcasters?

Greg Gross
Tug McGraw
Glenn Wilson

Also, Kent Tekulve and Jay Johnstone filled in, but they eventually became regular broadcasters and are already on your list.

I have no memory of any of Gross, McGraw, Wilson, Fregosi or Johnstone broadcasting for the team. I never subscribed to SportsChannel, although I did subscribe to Prism for awhile, so maybe that is why.

Enjoy the weather. You’re missing a 12-inch snowstorm coming tonight!

Sports channel was kind of the predecessor to CSN. Phillies games were on three networks, one was a UHF station, the second PRISM, the third sportschannel. All three channels had a unique lineup of broadcasters.

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