Similar Numbers

Two teams at opposite ends of the country are pretty even on the baseball diamond.

The Padres and Phillies start a three-game series at Citizens Bank Park tonight, the first of a 10-game trip east for San Diego. Fresh from a 5-1 homestand, SD was 1-5 on its last road trip.

How even?
Phillies are 66-77; SD, 65-77
Padres have a team average of .247; Phillies, .246.
Average against, Phillies .261; SD, .262.
Runs, 543-539 SD edge.
Doubles, Phillies have edge, 224-223.
Home record, 41-33, SD; 39-33, Phillies.
Current winning streak, 3 games each.

Two teams met in Petco Park in late June with the Phillies winning the last two in a three-game series. Same numbers for the last time they met at CBP, May 11-13 a year ago.

Book Shelf
A few years ago, 1978 to be exact, Allen Lewis and I co-authored a book entitled This Date In Philadelphia Phillies History. Lewis was an outstanding baseball writer at the Philadelphia Inquirer who in 1981 won the prestigious J.G. Taylor Spink Award for “meritorious contributions to baseball writing.”

Thanks to Skip “Memory Lane” Clayton and Don Bostrom, a radio voice who is a walking baseball encyclopedia and former baseball writer, respectively, This Date In Philadelphia Phillies History has been updated this month, giving fans the opportunity to learn more about the interesting history of Phillies baseball which began in 1883.

Baseball is a game played daily for six months of every year. It becomes the fabric of our day-to-day lives, providing moments of groans and glee. Yet, the business of the game continues year round. There are trades, free agent signings and player releases that can happen any day, regardless of the month.

This Date In Philadelphia Phillies History catches everything, from birthdates of the players to great moments to player transactions.

Whether it is Reggie Grabowski who gave up 11 hits in one inning or perfect games by Jim Bunning and Roy “Doc” Halladay, you’ll find those memorable dates in this book.

Hall of Famers such as Ed Delahanty, Grover Cleveland Alexander, Chuck Klein, Robin Roberts, Richie Ashburn, Mike Schmidt and Steve Carlton will dominate great moments. But, you don’t have to be a Hall of Famer to make your mark in a team’s history.

Names such as Harry Wolverton, Jeff Grotewold, Fred Luderus, Cy Williams and Villanova’s Red Donahue made their marks wearing a Phillies uniform. Wolverton, for example, had three triples in a game and no one in baseball history has matched that feat, which took place in 1900.

Trades have been part of the game for a long, long time and will continue for a long, long time. Chuck Klein was traded to the Cubs and back again, released three times by the Phillies and signed as a free agent by them twice. Catchers Andy Seminick and Smoky Burgess were involved in multi-player deals with the Phillies and Reds, not once but twice.

When Allen and I first published the book, it was in paperback. The newest edition, produced by Camino Books, is an e-book. To purchase a copy for your kindle, check the various websites.

Mention of an e-book brings to mind another gem from Larry Andersen: “I was going to ask Dallas Green to autograph his book but I was afraid he was going to ruin my kindle.”

This Date
September 10, 2009–Matt Stairs ties club record for most pinch-hit home runs in a season with five, connecting with bases loaded, but Phillies lose in Washington, 8-7. Gene Freese set the record in 1959.

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