28 Hits Didn’t Count

Best thing about yesterday’s bashing by the Dominican Republic WBC team againts the Phillies is that it doesn’t count. Then again, any of the stats in spring training really don’t count.

28 hits against the Phillies in a spring training game? Have no idea. We really don’t track that kind of stuff in the Grapefruit League.

Since 1900, the most hits the Phillies have allowed is 28: at the Reds, 1902; vs. the Cardinals at Baker Bowl, 1929 and vs. the Giants, also at Baker Bowl, 1931.

Camp Notes
Nationals in town this afternoon. Since they train on the other Florida coast, they don’t visit the west side often . . . Twins split squad is here tomorrow . . . Defensive drills took place prior to batting practice . . . Hall of Famer Jim Bunning will be visiting camp for three dates in a couple of weeks. He was elected to the Hall of Fame on this date in 1996.

Spring Training Memories
Mitch Williams (LHP, 1991-93)
“I was 19 years old and had been taken by the Rangers in the Rule 5 draft. It was my first big league camp. I was walking out early in the morning and I remember the Rangers had just gotten Cliff Johnson. Cliff was standing in right field and Mickey Rivers was sitting on the ground. I walked toward them and Mickey said, ‘Clifford, look at the head on this critter.’ I later learned that Mickey was one of the many real characters during my career.

“It was always great to reunite with your teammates every spring. I also remember all the aches and pains that came every year no matter how much winter ball you had played or how hard you had worked. The best part of spring training, though, was the end.”


Larry, this year the Phanatic’s birthday is an 8:05 pm start on a school night. We take our elementary school-aged kids every year to the Phanatic’s birthday, but their bedtime is 8:00. Two questions (recognizing you’re not in charge of this anymore):

1) Why didn’t/don’t the Phillies move the birthday to Saturday the 20th–at least it’s not a school night–or to coincide with the Mother’s Day giveaway two weeks later and/or also give out the DVD one of those games?

2) If not, is there a way I can pick up my kids’ DVDs at a future game?

They’re bummed they’re missing the birthday, but my wife and I aren’t keen on going at 7:00 and leaving before first pitch just to get them to see the celebration and get the giveaway item.

Steve: send me an e-mail at lshenk@phillies.com, please. Larry Shenk

Looks like the TV schedulers are out of synch with the promotion schedulers… The birthday was set up for a Sunday with a 14 & under giveaway, etc., typically a Sunday 1:05 pm start. Then the TV schedulers gave that game to ESPN Sunday Night Baseball, changing it to an 8:05pm start, without considering the impact on the originally planned promotion. Unless ESPN is planning on latching onto the Phanatic’s birthday and making it a national market promo piece, I agree this is an unfortunate scheduling snag. Why would they want to do a 14 & under promotion at 8pm on a school night?

Thanks, Larry. I just emailed you.

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