Day 1 Done

Day 1 is done without weather interference.

Pitchers did their normal first-day workout….exercise, long toss, bunting practice, holding runners on base, fielding drills, running, conditioning and weight room work. Groups 1 and 2 threw off the seven mounds located between the Schmidt and Roberts fields at Carpenter Field. Tomorrow, Groups 3 and 4 will do their bullpen sessions.

Catchers were part of the fielding drills, warmed up the pitchers and then took batting practice on Ashburn Field.

Communications Department has scheduled mass media interview sessions for key players in an effort to make it convenient for both the media and the player. It also takes a load of bodies out of the clubhouse. Doc and Chooch were the first two soloists. Ryan and Chase are next.

Ruben continued his weekly conference calls with his pro scouting staff in the afternoon. The Phillies will have multiple scouts following teams in both Florida and Arizona.

Spring Training History
Rich Westcott, who has written numerous books on baseball and the publisher of the Phillies Encyclopedia, authored an interesting story about different spring training sites in Phillies history. In 1883, their first year, spring training was in Philadelphia.

Check it out at

Spring Training Memories
Marty Bystrom (RHP, 1980-84).
“It was 1978. I was 18 years old and with the Spartanburg Phillies. 42 was my uniform number and my roommate was Manny Abreu. My fondest memory of the first day was how everyone threw so much harder than I did. I thought to myself, ‘Where did these guys come from?’ It was eye-opening for sure.
“I also felt so proud to put on the Phillies uniform. The thing I liked most was the challenge of facing hitters who were so much more experienced than I had faced in college. The things I liked the least was only getting soup and crackers for lunch and the Circle Jerk. We had to run in a circle in the outfield with glove in hand, full uniform and wearing spikes for 20 minutes. On each lap a coach would hit a ground ball so you had to bend down to field it. It was more of a mental conditioning process than physical.”

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