Week of the Pirates

Well, spring training is finally winding down and it is back to normal routines for the organization. 

Final exhibition game, or pre-season game according to NLF propaganda, is tonight against the Pirates at Citizens Bank Park.  Assume the Pirates will fly home after the game.  Phillies have a 1 p.m. charter to Pittsburgh on Wednesday afternoon and will work out at PNC Park later in the day.

Opening day is Thursday afternoon (more about openers tomorrow).  The week of the Pirates ends with games Saturday and Sunday and then the Citizens Bank Park opener next Monday (Marlins). 

Meanwhile back in Clearwater, it is quiet.  The Threshers staff had a day off on Monday after working non-stop during the Grapefruit League schedule.

Lehigh Valley and Reading rosters are back home.  Matter of fact, they are playing each other tonight in Reading. Lakewood is playing Clearwater this evening at Bright House Field.  Lakewood leaves tomorrow for Greenville, SC, and the start of the South Atlantic League on Thursday.  All teams start on Thursday.

Some 50 young prospects remain at the Carpenter Complex in what is called extended spring training.  Those players have had some days off. They resume workouts on Thursday and then games against other minor league camps on Monday.  Many of the players will be assigned to the Gulf Coast League Phillies, who begin their season on June 19.

Marti Wolever and his scouting staff are in full force prepping for the June draft in which the Phillies have four selections in the first 100.  Pro scouts have left their spring training assignments and are now following teams according to a schedule drafted by Mike Ondo.  Ruben continues his weekly conference call with the pro scouts on Wednesday, trying to pick up ideas for additions to the big club.  Pat Gillick is returning to his favorite role, scouting.  He’ll see amateur players working under Woleover’s guidance.

Back in Philly again, Red Week is coming to an end and plans for the season opener are in full force.  Kurt Funk and his staff are working on big plans for the opener.  It will be another festive start to the home season (more on that in Friday’s blog). Boat House Row in which every building is outlined in lights, will turn those lights into red for Thursday and Monday.  Cira Centre will have a large Phillies “P” illuminated.

Opening Day Memories
Dallas Green (RHP, 1960-64; 1967; MGR 1979-81)
“You never forget that first one when you are introduced pre-game.  But, there are two that are special in my memory bank: my first opener as the Phillies manager in 1980 and then receiving our World Series rings the following year.”

For more Alumni memories, check out www.phillies.com/alumni.

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