Doc Recovers and Dominates

In his first postseason start ever a year ago, Doc no-hit the Reds in Game 1 of the NLDS at Citizens Bank Park.  The Reds were the No. 1 offensive team in the league and this year, the Cardinals had that honor.

Last night, his second pitch went for a single.  Three batters later, he was down 3-0, having given up a three-run homer to Berkman.  As Doc walked off the mound after the third out, he could be seen talking to himself.

Great pitchers can give up runs early and then close the door.  He kept the Phillies in the game until the offense figured out Lohse, scoring crooked numbers in three straight innings starting in the sixth.  As often happens, J-Roll started that big inning with a lead-off single.  When he gets on base, good things happen to the Phillies, not so good for the enemy.

Ryan’s first postseason homer since Game 6 of the 2009 World Series put the Phillies on top in that inning.  Lohse got a change-up up and Ryan blasted it up into the second deck in right field. Raul added a two-run homer to chase Lohse, who held the Phillies scoreless through three innings on just 23 pitches.  In the sixth inning, he threw 22 pitches.

The Phillies finished with 14 hits for the fourth time in their postseason history.  By winning, they improved their first-game record to 15-7.  In the previous 14 series in which they won the first game, they went on to win series 10 times.

Doc Notes
**The home run was the first he had allowed in 86 innings.

**It was the first three-run homer Doc allowed since August 21, 2008, when he was pitching in Toronto.

**Twice in 352 starts, has he allowed a first-inning home run with more than one runner on base.

**After a lead-off second-inning single, Doc retired the next 21 batters, leaving after eight innings. The last pitcher to retire that many in a row in the postseason was Don Larsen’s perfect game in the 1956 World Series. Only one other pitcher ever retired the last 21 batters in a row in the postseason was Grover Cleveland Alexander of the Cardinals in the 1926 World Series against the Yankees.

Record Department
Having been in the postseason five consecutive seasons, the Phillies postseason numbers are dominated by Charlie’s bunch.  Gone are big numbers from the likes of Schmidt, Luzinski, Boone, Bowa.  Ryan now as the most RBI, 31; Shane is second, 30; Shane has the most hits, 44.

Pete Rose hit .326 in the postseason for the Phillies, a mark that hasn’t been challenged.  Ruia is a distant second at .280, going into 2011.

Elias Sports Bureau: Ryan, Jimmy, Chase, Shane and Carlos have played in 40 consecutive postseason games together, the longest streak by five players for one team in baseball history. The streak began Octobe6 6, 2007, in Game 3 of the NLDS in Coors Field.

Game time is 8:30, allowing the Eagles fans plenty of time to exit the Sports Complex and Phillies fans to move in.

Interview room features J-Roll and Charlie at 3:30 p.m.; a St. Louis player and LaRussa at 6:30 p.m.

Phillies Postseason History
October 2 (1-0 record):

2008 NLDS #2 at Citizens Bank Park: Shane Victorino hits a grand slam home run off CC Sabathia to cap a five-run second inning that lifts the Phillies to a 5-2 win and a 2-0 lead over the Brewers.



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