4 Aces, 4 Wins

Four aces, four straight wins, five runs allowed.  That’s what’s happened the last four games as Doc, Cliff, Roy-O and Cole did their thing on the mound.

Cole once again was brilliant on Tuesday night before leaving with stiffness in his back.  He says he won’t miss his next start.

Extra base hits have been few and far between this season.  Not on Tuesday night as the Phillies pounded five home runs and two doubles in a rare easy win.

Game ended around 11 p.m.  So, it is back to the park for two games Wednesday, the first at 1 p.m.  Then, it is back again for another 1 o’clock afternoon game on Thursday.  A three-game marathon in two days.

New Record
Thanks to the support of the fans, a new record was set on Monday night when $893,033 was raised to help strike out ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease).  Since the Phillies adopted ALS in 1984, they have raised over $12.7 million to fight the disease.

New Book
Steve Carlton had a year in 1972 that will go down as one of the greatest individual pitching performances ever.  It concluded with the first of his four Cy Young Awards. 

Steve Bucci and Dave Brown have written a book about that fantastic season,
Drinking Coffee with a Fork: The Story of Steve Carlton and the ’72 Phillies.

It is available now online and in book stores.

E-Mail Bin
From Alan: I have been looking all over for a long time trying to get my hands on a 1950 Phillies World Series jersey patch. I have looked on so many websites just to see what the patch looks like but have only ever seen the NY patch. My questions: was there a Phillies patch ever made, and is their a place licensed to recreate it; how can I get one?

“In my lone time with the Phillies I’ve never seen or heard of a Phillies World Series patch back in 1950.  If it did exist, perhaps someone can post it on this blog.”

From Timothy: What is the process for retirement of a player’s number? It would be great to see the late great Tug McGraw get the honor of being retired.

“The Phillies policy is that the player needs to be a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame to have a jersey number retired.  In my experience, each club has its own policy.  There is no one set policy.”

From Skip: I remember in 1950 attending Phillies games with my dad and granddad.  I remember seeing a pregame infield practice by the Phillies where they did not use a ball. Can you get any details about this phantom infield, perhaps film? I was around 5 at the time but trying to re-live what I saw with my grandson.

“I have vague remembrances, too. I’m not aware of any video from that era.  But, I reached out to Bob Miller, who pitched for the Whiz Kids.  He thought the phantom infield was done mostly in the minor leagues or perhaps before one of the City Series games with the Philadelphia A’s.  He recalled coach Benny Bengough was the ‘hitter’ and Dick Sisler at first base but can’t remember the others.  ‘Hey, I’m 85 in a few days and I can’t remember that far back,’ he laughed”  Again, if anyone has more information, kindly post it on this blog.”

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