Lee Lights Out Again

When Cliff is on, he’s really on.  After two games of being “off”, he returned to his norm on Monday night: 6 singles, 7 shutout innings, 80 strikes and 37 balls.  When he has that pinpoint control, it is lights out for the enemy.

In his last three starts at Citizens Bank Park, he’s 3-0 with a 1.57 ERA.  Remember when the park was first opened, media said no pitcher would ever come to Philadelphia because the park was a hitter’s park?  Well, don’t hear much about the ballpark’s size anymore.

According to Elias Sports Bureau: It was the 12th time in Lee’s last 38 regular-season starts the he struck out ten or more batters (since May 16, 2010). Lee reached double-figures in strikeouts in only three of his 193 major-league starts up to that point.

Offense wasn’t overly productive but managed to scratch out three runs. 

The win was the 800th in the big league career for Charlie.  Someday down the road, he’ll be a shoe-in for the Phillies Wall of Fame.

Inside the Draft
We were prepped prior to the draft on what to expect.  Once the first round (33 players) was out of the way, the compensation round would take place and Mickey Morandini would be stepping to the podium to announce the Phillies selection (39th overall).

MLB invites young prospects to the draft.  Many can’t attend for one reason or another.  There was only one prospect there, high school outfielder Larry Greene.  He and his dad would be sitting in the third base dugout of Studio 42.  Whichever team selected him, MLB would have a jersey and cap on hand for a presentation.

As the draft got into the compensation round, Mickey and I felt it would be a shame if Greene wasn’t drafted the first day.  He and his dad (his mother died recently) had traveled from Georgia.  It must have been a little nerve-racking to sit and hear all the others being drafted.

Rob Holiday (assistant scouting director) called from the Phillies draft room at Citizens Bank Park when the draft got to the 36th selection.  Mickey was in a back room waiting to make the 39th selection.  Tampa Bay was 38th and the Phillies were concerned that the Rays would take Greene.  They didn’t.  Mickey stepped to the podium, made the announcement, a big cheer went up from the fans seated in the bleachers and Mickey got to present Greene with his Phillies jersey and cap.  Tears filled Greene’s eyes for more than one reason, I’m sure.  He did a live interview and then came to our table to speak with scouting director Marti Wolever on the phone.

Once he has signed, Greene will most likely report to the Gulf Coast League team in Clearwater.

Down On The Farm
RHS Brian Gordon (5-0) lowered his league-leading ERA to 0.74 with 6 shutout innings as Lehigh Valley won, 3-0, in Charlotte . . . 1B Cody Overbeck hit his league-leading 15th and 16th homers and drove in 5 as Reading edged Trenton, 8-7, in 12 innings.  RHR Justin DeFratus (4-0) fanned 6 in 3 shutout innings . . . RHS Jonathan Pettibone (6-4) picked up the win as Clearwater bested Dunedin, 8-4 . . . Lakewood lost its 5th in a row, 8-5, at Hickory . . . Extended spring training played final game this morning . . . Williamsport opens its season on June 17; Gulf Cost League Phillies on June 20.

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