Early Puzzle

Well, the Werth hype is out of the way and have to say Jayson got the best in the first appearance against his former team. 

Objective is to win each series.  For the third straight series, the Phillies have lost the first game.  They came back against the Mets and Braves to win the next two.  They face the same situation.

Sometimes the game of baseball is puzzling.  Going into the season, the starting pitching rotation was expected to be dominating and the bullpen was suspect, especially with Lidge sidelined.

Well, the starters have a 5.04 ERA and the bullpen, 1.95, and a 19.1 scoreless inning streak that ended last night. Bullpen went into the game with eight walks, fewest in the NL, and then walked four in the loss.

Offensively, no Werth, Utley and Brown was supposed to make the offense suspect.  Well, the Phillies lead the league in hits, average, on-base percentage and have the fewest strikeouts.  They’re second in runs scored.

With Werth gone, who would protect Ryan?  Would opposing teams ever pitch to him? Well, Ryan leads the NL with 12 RBI, has seven extra-base hits among 14 and is hitting .359.

Scott Franzke had an interesting note during Sunday’s broadcast: Burrell was the last Phillie to get a hit after Ryan was walked intentionally and that came in 2008.  Since then, Phillies hitters are 0-for-21, Werth having 10 of those hitless at-bats.

OK, OK the season is just 10 games old.  There are 152 more to go.  Cream always rises to the top and in the end the starting pitching will excel and the offense will certainly come down from its .328 average.  In the meantime, everything is puzzling.  Just ask the Red Sox fans.

Phillies pitchers have issued the fewest home runs (4) and walks (23) . . . With the Flyers in the Stanley Cup playoffs, Phillies have made some TV changes: Thursday, Saturday and Monday will now be on The Comcast Network instead of Comcast SportsNet.  Further changes will be made if the Flyers continue to win . . . Happy Birthday to Mark Leiter (48) and Wes Chamberlain (45) . . . Tonight is nationally telecast on ESPN2.

Down On The Farm
Lehigh Valley and Lakewood were rained out . . . 1B Matt Rizzotti had three more hits to raise his average to .458 as Reading won, 3-2, in 11 innings at New Hampshire . . . 2B Alan Schoenberger had a sixth-inning triple, Clearwater’s lone hit in a 5-1 loss at Daytona.

What Would You Have Done?
What profession or occupation might you have chosen if you didn’t play baseball? The question was recently posed to members of the Phillies Alumni.
 “I would have been in education and coaching.  I was a biology major at the University of Washington and I think I would have continued on that path,” SS Kevin Stocker (1993-97).

Did You Know?
April is National Grilled Cheese Month.

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