Bullpen Zero

Credit goes to the bullpen last night.  Joe was coasting and then hit a wall. Pen shut the door over the last 4.5 innings, two hits, one walk, four strikeouts and a big zero on the scoreboard.

Offense produced 16 hits, 10 of which were singles.  Phillies lead the NL with 44 singles.  The late Richie Ashburn would like that.

Phillies pinch hitters are now 6-for-10 through five games, a vast improvement on last year.

Every season produces a scheduling quirk.  The Phillies will play the Mets six times out of their first 15 home games and then not see NY at Citizens Bank Park until the middle of August.

Day game this afternoon and then a charter flight to Atlanta for a three-game weekend series with the Braves.  Saturday is on FOX, Sunday, TBS, for Phillies folks (or should it be pholks) everywhere.  Of course, all games can be heard and/or seen on MLB.com.  The internet certainly makes it easy for fans around the world to follow the Phils.

An Apology
Thanks to Dennis Orlandini for pointing out I posted the wrong age for C Jimmy Schaeffer a couple of days ago.  I had him at 85, which is only off by 10 years.  For the record, he turned 75.  Sorry, Jimmy.

Today, Bobby Del Greco turns 78 (double and triple-checked). Bobby was a centerfielder who played for the Phillies in 1960-61 and again in 1965.

Other Occupation?
Phillies Alumni have been asked what would they have done if they hadn’t been a ball player.

“If I had not signed with the Phillies, I was going to the University of Arkansas to play baseball and study forestry to become a forest ranger.  Whatever it was it had to be something outdoors,” Darren Daulton.

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