Mets Tonight

OK, 3-0 is fine, but that’s last weekend.  Mets start a 3-game series tonight and the focus is on tonight’s game.

What is the Phillies’ record for undefeated starts, you ask:  Well, 8-0 in 1915, the year they won their first NL pennant.

The Phillies have three Rule 5 drafts on their roster, Shane, David Herndon and Michael Martinez.  That’s a compliment to the Phillies pro scouting staff.

Saw an interesting note from Of the last 40 teams to make the playoffs, only one started the season 0-3. That one was the 2007 Phillies.

Jimmy started his 11th consecutive season with the Phillies, the longest streak since Larry Bowa’s 12 straight years (1970-81). 

Just One Person’s Opinion
**ESPN features three announcers in the booth again.  It turns into a talk-a-thon with much of the blabber not related to the game they are televising.

**Jayson Werth has to be the most expensive No. 2 hitter in the NL.

**Critics say Phillies will miss not having Werth’s defense in right.  Well, two NL contenders have rightfielders who aren’t up to Francisco’s skills, the Giants (Huff) and Cardinals (Berkman).

“We’re on pace to score 162 runs this year, it might be a major-league record,” Tampa Bay manger Joe Maddon after his team scored three runs in their first three games, all losses.

Minor League Rosters
Opening day is Thursday for four Phillies minor league teams.  Rosters can be found on

Happy Birthday today
OF-1B Ross Gload, 34 . . . C Jimmie Schaffer (1966-67), 85



have to laugh at the espn comment….the phils tv team is dreadful too…talk way too much ….the radio team says more with less talk and no picture….aside from jim jackson who calls the game like he’s a hockey announcer…oh, wait…

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