Late Ball, Small Ball, Long Ball

The 3-game weekend sweep had a little bit of everything…..Phillies played late ball, small ball, long ball, strong starting pitching and good defense.  Plus record attendance: 136,254, the largest total attendance for a regular-season series at Citizens Bank Park.

Clutch hitting was unreal, 15-for-36 with runners in scoring position.  Starting pitching was exceptional, 1 walk, 23 strikeouts in 19 innings, 2 wins. 

**Phillies didn’t strike out in the season opener on Friday afternoon, first time they haven’t had at least 1 punch out since May 7, 2009 at NY.  Dating back to 2000, it was only the fourth time in 1,782 games that the Phillies didn’t have a whiff.
**From Elias: Overcoming a 4-run deficit on Friday afternoon was the third time in franchise history that the Phillies rallied from a deficit of at least 4 runs to win on opening day.  The last such instance came 106 years ago.  On April 14, 1905, the Phillies trailed Brooklyn, 4-0, after 4 innings before bouncing back for a 12-8 win on the strength of a 6-run fifth inning.  The other time was April 18, 1895.  On that date, the Phillies trailed Baltimore, 6-0, after 7 but they scored 2 in the eighth and 5 in the ninth for a win.
**Lee’s no-walk, 11-strikeout performance on Saturday night was the first (no walks, 10-plus strikeouts) for any major league pitcher since the start of the 2008 season. Lee did hit a batter on Saturday, matching his total for 2010 in 212.1 innings. Guess he’s human.
**Great to have Steve Bedrosian on hand to give Doc his Cy Young Award pre-game on Saturday. “Bedrock” was the Phillies previous Cy Young winner in 1987.  John Denny, who won the 1983 award while with the Phillies, presented Doc with the award at the NY baseball writers dinner in January.
**3-game sweep was the Phillies first at home since 1899 against the Washington Senators at Baker Bowl. Oh, the Phillies did have a 3-0 start at home in 1970 at Connie Mack Stadium (2 vs. Cubs, 1st of a 3-game series vs. Pirates).
Airplane Shuffle
Lee McDaniel is the Assistant Director, Minor League Operations.  His office is in the Paul Owens Clubhouse at the Carpenter Complex.  When Southwest airlines canceled 300 flights for a safety check on certain aircraft, it left Lee scrambling on Sunday as the Reading Phillies were scheduled to fly from Tampa to Philadelphia on Southwest.  Lehigh Valley and Lakewood were booked on separate USAir flights.  All totaled, Lee needed 80 seats to get the three Phillies minor league teams to Philly where buses would transport the teams to their respective cities. Lee had to split the Reading team (20 seats, 6 seats) on two different Continental flights to Newark, NJ, on Sunday evening.  LV and Lakewood open their seasons at home on Thursday.  Reading (Portland) and Clearwater (Dunedin) also open on Thursday, but on the road. 
Happy Birthday Monday
OF Eric Valent (1977), 34 . . . RHP Carlos Reyes (2000), 42 . . . 2B Tom Herr (1989-90), 55 . . . MGR Jim Fregosi (1991-96), 69 . . . RHP Eddie Watt (1974), 70 . . . 2B-3B Don Hasenmayer (1945-46), 84.

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