Buzz to intensify

When the Phillies signed Cliff Lee as a free agent, a buzz spread throughout baseball, the media and fans.  That buzz will intensify when pitchers and catchers take the field to begin spring training on Monday.

The Phillies’ Communications Department is going to be busy fielding media requests for the starting rotation.  Photo op requests have already come from the New York Times Magazine, Sports Illustrated and Philadelphia Magazine.  That’s the tip of the iceberg.

Following Monday’s first workout, the Phillies have issued a media alert that Halladay, Hamels, Oswalt, Lee and Blanton will be available as a group in the media lunchroom at Bright House Field. It will be the one time the rotation will be together for the media.  Individual one-on-ones will be accommodated as spring training unfolds.

Weighing media demands vs. allowing the pitchers (or players, for that matter) to get in their daily work is a challenge the Communications Department faces.  Priority must go to the daily schedules of the players. There will be occasions when a media request will be denied, creating an issue.  Somehow the world will continue spinning.

Charlie, Ruben and their respective staffs will begin meeting at 10 a.m. on Saturday in the meeting room at the Carpenter Field Clubhouse.  They’ll discuss each of the 59 players in camp.  Sunday afternoon is reserved for a golf outing for the staffs, their lone break from being on the field every day until the season opener.

Comcast Sportsnet’s Daily News Live Show will be live from Bright House Field starting on Monday.  They’ll be on the air starting at 5 p.m. daily through Friday, the 18th . . . Comcast SportsNet and the Major League Baseball Network will carry Monday’s media session with the starting pitchers live . . . First Philly radio personality in camp will be Mike Smerconish of The Big Talker.  He’ll be there Monday afternoon getting interviews for his shows . . . KYW News Radio will once again be represented by the veteran (kind word for being old) Jack O’Rourke.  He’ll be filing daily reports throughout the spring.  His first report always starts with the equipment truck’s blaring air horn when the truck arrives at Bright House Field, which was last Sunday.  Yes, he’s there early for that major event. Tough assignment . . . Cliff Lee is being inducted into the Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame Friday night . . . Ruben will be the April cover story for the South Jersey Magazine . . . FanFest at Bright House is being discontinued.  Each year, the Phillies raised funds for charities in Clearwater through the FanFest.  Good news: the fund-raising efforts will continue through auctions during the Grapefruit League season . . . In last month’s ratings, Phillies Insider ranked 17th among the top 50 MLB Pro blogs on  Thanks for your support.

(Phillies Insider will be posted daily starting on Monday.  Contributing to the blog will be members of the Communications Department.  Scott Palmer’s daily video reports from Clearwater will also begin on Monday on


It’s good that the players daily work schedules is the priority, after all they are there to play baseball not pander to the media’s every whim.

I am also looking forward to the daily reports from Clearwater, via the Phillies Insider and Scotts video reports, it’s helps those of us that can’t make the trip, get a little of what its like down there.


Phillies Outside

It`s time for a broadcasting change. McCarthy, Wheeler and “the sarge” TO GO!

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