Indoor Workout

Rain forced the Phillies afternoon workout indoors today.

Well, sort of.  Pitchers went to the bullpen to do some throwing during light rain.  Doc and Blanton played long toss in right field beyond the tarp that covered the infield.
Hitters took turns in the twin-indoor batting cages.

The clubhouse was closed prior to the 1 p.m. workout but opened afterwards.  650 credentials have been issued for the NLCS.  Not all media receive clubhouse badges.  Thus, the interview room was used again.  Charlie was in there at 12:45 p.m.; later Raul Ibanez and Mike Sweeney.

Seven TV cameras were lined up in the back of the Media Room.  Rows of seats for 100 filled up the room.

Friday, the interview room will be used again, Charlie and Doc first and Bochy and Lincecum later.  The Phillies will work out at 4 p.m., the Giants at 5:30 p.m.

MLB closes clubhouses pre-game. In addition to the interview room Friday, both teams and coaching staffs will be available in the Phillies Hospitality Tent for the media mass.  The Phillies are scheduled for 3 p.m.; Giants, 4:15 p.m.

Jim Fregosi Jr., Dave Hollins and Craig Colbert are at Citizens Bank Park.  Colbert is the Phillies advance scout while Fregosi and Hollins have been following the Giants since late last month.  They’ll be sitting down with Ruben’s staff and Charlie’s staff and go over the scouting reports.

This Date
The Phillies are 1-1 on this date in their postseason history. 

In 1980, they won the first World Series game against the Royals at Veterans Stadium.  Three years later, Orioles won WS game # 3 also at the Vet.

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