(Sorry, I haven’t been posting.  Was occupied with a family health issue for the last week.  Hope to get back in the swing again.  Thanks.)

Well, we now know it will be the Giants in the NLCS. Great starting pitching against great starting pitching.  It looks like it will be Lincecum against Halladay on Saturday night.  Heck, it might wind up as a 35-inning scoreless game suspended because it is time for breakfast.

The two teams split six games this season.  Does that point to a seven-game series?

Phillies will work out this afternoon at Citizens Bank Park (not open to the public).  Biggest issue for the Phillies may be how to keep the pitchers sharp.  Options are bullpen sessions, pitching BP or a simulated games.  Hey, why not a game against the Phillies ballgirl team?  Or, sending some of the starters to the Florida Instructional League? How about a “B” game the Giants Thursday morning?  Hey, we play “B” games in the morning in spring training.

Did You Know ?
Howard, Utley, Rollins, Ruiz Victorino started their 33rd straight postseason game on Sunday night, the longest such stretch for five players in Major League Baseball history.

TV Ratings
Sunday night’s NLDS clinching game in Cincinnati drew a 27.7 rating and 40 share, which topped the Eagles (24.6/35) in Philadelphia.

This Date
Phillies are 2-4 in the postseason on this date.  The most recent win was a year ago when the Phillies advanced to the NLCS with a come-from-behind win in Denver.  



We missed ya…hope everyone is ok!


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