Edge to Phillies?

In a season of 162 games, there are pivotal games that change the course of where a team will finish at the end of the season.

Thursday night in Coors Filed could well turn out to be “the” pivotal game of the year for the Phillies.  Time will tell.

In what resembled a heavyweight fight, both teams threw in some haymakers and in the end the Phillies had an amazing come-from-behind 12-11 win, something this team has done over and over in the last three seasons. 

A total of 358 pitches were thrown and six went out of the park.  Combined there were 35 hits, eight walks, only 13 strikeouts, three doubles, six homers and 22 runners left on base. Larry Andersen said on radio, “This game was terrific, ugly and lot in between.”

The Phillies’ three homers came in the nine-run 7th against three different relievers, something that hasn’t happened in the majors for 10 years, 11 days (Elias Sports Burea). Chase capped the explosion with his fourth career grand slam (three against the Rockies with two coming in Coors Field).  The exciting win ended a 6-1 road trip through San Diego, LA and Denver, not an easy chore.  It certainly made the early morning arrival today a lot cheerier.

Now, the Phillies face 16 home games and 12 road games through the end of the season (October 3).  13 are against teams with a winning record (Marlins 7, Braves 6).

The Phillies have the third-best home record (43-26) which includes a 2-6 mark in their last eight games.  Atlanta has the best home record (49-19) in the NL but the Braves are only 29-37 away from Turner Field. The Braves have 13 home games left and 12 road games.  16 games are against teams with winning records (St. Louis 4, Phillies 6, Marlins 6).

So, the Phillies appear to have an edge but once again, the game isn’t played on paper.  Certainly the division title or wildcard entry is there for this team to grab.

Five more weekends of pennant-race baseball.  Enjoy.  Try and relax.

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I keep trying to relax…then the Phils pull out a game like last night and my tummy is in knots again. You guys should come up with a Phillies-stress support group…lol


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