We Caught A Break

A normal game was rolling along and Roy-O was impressive.  Then, the ninth inning came along with some twists that were unusual.  In the end, we won on Chooch’s homer in the 10th.  Sometimes you need to get a break or be lucky.  Guess we were both last night.

Roy-O threw up some zeroes and was the Roy-O we know.  Unfortunately, the offense struggled.  In his last seven starts, the offense has produced a total of five runs while he is on the mound.

Top of the ninth…never saw this before.  All three outs by the Phillies were on the bases, Raul at home plate, Jayson picked off second and Domonic caught stealing.

Bottom of the ninth…third base umpire Bob Davidson made a judgment on a grounder down the line.  He called it foul; replays indicated it was fair.  If it was fair, the Marlins would have won. 

Point of interest: when we score four or more runs: 47-12.

Charlie had a different lineup again.  Gload batted third, the seventh to bat in that position: Chase, Polly, J-Roll, Jayson, Raul, and Ben.

Elias Sports Bureau Says
Ruiz, who had two doubles and his game-winning homer, is the first Phillies catcher to record three extra-base hits in one game since Mike Lieberthal had two homers and one double on Sept. 17, 2006 at Houston.

Wall of Fame Night
Earlier today, Darren’s bronze plaque was mounted on the Toyota Wall of Fame that is part of Memory Lane in Ashburn Alley.  He is right next to John Vukovich.  Vuk really admired Darren’s toughness.  Knowing Vuk, he is smiling and shedding a tear for Darren.

Among the rules for the Wall of Fame is a requirement that a player has to be retired for three years before he is eligible.  Next year, Mike Lieberthal and Curt Schilling are eligible.

Down the road, there are guys like Abreu, Burrell, Charlie, J-Roll, Ryan, Chase, Cole who should be Wall of Famers.  That should be fun.

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As absurd as it sounds, I agree with Bob Davidson. Here is the reasoning: We all saw the ball hit the chalkline infront of the bag and land about 6 inches in fair territory in the outfield. The ball, I believe, was hit when the bat struck the ball in front of the plate. That angle would have the ball going foul before the bag, but the ball landed fair after the bag. So the ball had to be foul at the bag and sidespin back into fair territory when it hit ground again. I know its a far fetched theory, but it is what it is.

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