Did you buy some sod?

There was no game last night so have to write about something else.  So here goes a real classic post.

Want a piece of history? Yep, authentic game-used sod from Citizens Bank Park?  You can by this limited edition piece of memorabilia online.  It really is a piece of sod that was used at Citizens Bank Park up until 2010.  You aren’t buying a clump of crabgrass.  I can sell you that from my front yard.

This is the same sod that hosted two consecutive World Series, so it really is filled with historic value.

So, what is it like to be sod?  Did you ever wonder?

**What does it feels like when Ryan Howard plants his size 15 spikes on top of you?

**Do spikes cause pain?

**Are divots more painful than spikes?

**Does bubble gum get stuck in the roots like it does on shoes?

**Does sod laugh when a baseball is discarded because of grass stains?

**How did the sod respond when Lidge feel to his knees after his WS clinching strikeout?

**Can sod cheer or boo?

**How many worms live there.?
**How does sod react when it sees a Chase Utley home run ascends to the upper deck?  Can it see that far?

**Is it annoying that you are mowed 140 times a season?

**Does sod get in the Guinness Book of Records for hosting the first suspended World Series game?

**Does sod get intoxicated by too much rain?

**Can sod hear a concert even though it has been covered with a wooden surface and chairs?

Told you this was a real classic post.  Hope you chuckled and didn’t up-chuck.  Back to sanity tomorrow.  Promise.

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