Back Again

Back in business again after being on the temporary inactive list.  Just needed time to be with my wife who had to have two surgeries for one broken patella. 

Goal again is to post (or bore) you five times a week.

Cole put an end to the nonsense in Boston and the Phillies got out of town with a win against the Red Sox yesterday.  Boston just seems to have our number.

Elias Says
Elias Sports Bureau: Blanton allowed 8 runs in the first inning on Saturday afternoon, less than 24 hours after Jamie gave up 9 in a little more than an inning on Friday night.  It is the fourth time in Phillies history that starting pitchers allowed at least 8 runs over the first 3 innings in consecutive games.  Last time was 1895 (that’s right, 115 years ago) when Willie McGill and Gus Weyhing were the starting pitchers in question.

No Let Up
The top three A. L. teams in on-base percentage are the Yankees, Red Sox and Twins.  Well, the Sox are out of the way but the Yankees are next starting Tuesday night followed by the Twins.

Charlie once said if you want to be the best you have to beat the best.

National TV
Tuesday and Thursday night games from Yankee Stadium will be on the MLB Network, blacked out in the Philadelphia area.

Saturday, Twins at Citizens Bank Park, will be a FOX telecast.

Alumni Notes
**Belated Happy Birthday to Art Mahan, the oldest living Phillies player who turned 97 on June 8.  He was the first baseman on the 1940 Phillies, .244 in 146 games.

**Greg Luzinski, Darren Daulton, Marty Bystrom, Terry Harmon, Tyler Green and Andy Ashby are playing today in the Richie Ashburn Golf Classic at Commonwealth National Golf Club.  Proceeds benefit the Cradel of Liberty Council Boy Scouts of America.

**Belated condolences go to Tommy Greene and his son, Seth, on the passing of Lori Greene, 46, after a battle with cancer on June 7.  Tommy and Lori were a great couple, real down to earth people.  We look forward to having Tommy back for Alumni weekend in August.  It won’t be the same without Lori, someone everyone loved.

**Strange to see Pat Burrell wearing #9, instead of #5.  Just think, he’s re-united with his outfielder neighbor (Aaron Rowand).


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If you are looking to head to the Bronx tonight or tomorrow, Phillies tickets for sale are selling for as little as $12 a ticket. Yankees fans have nothing over Phillies fans !!!

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