Big Fourths=Two ins

Teams have won back-to-back games thousands of times.  Not sure how many times, a team has duplicated what the Phillies did on national TV on Saturday afternoon and last night.

They won each game because of a big fourth inning, 6 on Saturday and 9 yesterday.  And, they did it against the Mets’ two best pitchers, Pelfrey and Santana.

Santana was leading, 5-2, going into the fateful fourth.  In his 65 previous starts, he was 51-0 when his team had given him 5 or more runs. 

Jamie survived a pair of crooked-run innings to beat the Mets for the 10th time in his career.  13 other clubs are in that club.

Werth stretched his streak of reaching base to all 24 games this season (29 hits, 13 walks).  It matches the longest stretch at the start of a Phillies season since Richie Hebner did it in 1977.

League Leaders
Werth, 12 doubles . . . Chase, 24 runs . . . Ryan and three others, 12 multi-hit games.

The 2010 edition arrived this weekend.  Phillies have been publishing Yearbooks since 1949, one of the longest streaks in the majors.  Believe only the Yankees have been doing it longer.  If anybody out there knows, kindly post it.

Up-close and personal questions on the players are very interesting. 

Among the questions: “What is No. 1 on your ‘Bucket List” when you retire?”  J-Roll’s response: “Win a Grammy.”

Also, “What is your worst habit?”  Again, J-Roll: “Predicting number of wins in the offseason.”

Happy Birthday
Davey Lopes, a very young 65.

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That was insane last night…it was so noisy, it felt like a playoff game. Lots of fun! And the Mets fans all went home early…you gotta love that :O)


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