2-0 Start

Offense came through again last night, Cole struggled with his location (63 strikes out of 103 pitches).  Bottom line: Phillies are 2-0 for the first time since 2003.  Last time, 3-0? 2001.

Kyle takes the mound later today and then the Phillies take a Delta charter flight to Houston for a weekend series with the winless Astros.  Don’t like the fact they haven’t won a game. 

When you turn on the TV on Saturday night, you’ll see the Phillies wearing 1965-style uniforms.  The Astros are having a “Turn Back The Clock Night” that night, nearly 45 years after their first game in the Astrodome.

It actually happened on April 12, 1965, and the Phillies won, 2-0, behind LHP Chris Short’s 4-hitter.  3B Dick Allen hit the first regular season homer in the “Eighth Wonder of the World”, a two-run shot over the center field wall in the third inning off Bob Bruce.

History also shows the Phillies won the first game in Minute Maid Park.  That happened on April 7, 2000, when the Park was called Enron Field.  LHP Randy Wolfe was the winner and 3B Scott Rolen hit the first homer.

Home Opener
Team returns home Sunday night and then the home opener on Monday afternoon.

Usual pre-game festivities are set.  Charlie will raise the 2009 National League pennant as part of those festivities. 

It will be goose-bump city!  Can’t wait.



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Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t Harry Kalas announce that Astrodome opener for the Houston?

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