Holly and Polly Show

What a great start yesterday in DC. The Holly and Polly Show!

Tom McCarthy said on the broadcast opening day is like a holiday.  For the Phillies it was a Halladay holiday. 

Great pitchers often give up runs early and then close the barn door.  Doc certainly did that yesterday.  Watching on TV, it is quite obvious he is focused.  Facial expression didn’t change until he was taken out of the game.  Lefty Carlton had the same focus.  The day Lefty pitched, you stayed away from him.  His eyes told you so.

Polanco was unbelievable, too.  Six RBI from the two-hole hitter.  He makes contact, goes with pitches and showed he can drive a ball if he gets the right pitch. 

Anyone out there know the last time the Phillies had a hitter with 6 RBI on opening day?


Ryan climbed another notch on the Phillies home run list with his two-run shot that got the Phillies on the scoreboard.  The team all-time leaders in homers:

548 Mike Schmidt
259 Del Ennis
251 Pat Burrell
243 Chuck Klein
223 Greg Luzinski

Crooked Numbers
Phillies scored more than a single run in an inning three times yesterday, 5, 2 and 4-run innings.

11 runs was their biggest opening day total since they beat the Rockies, 12-6, in Denver in 1994.

Club record is 19 runs, opening day 100 years ago, a 19-17 nail-biter in Boston.

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No Phillie has ever racked up 6 RBI on Opening Day…Polly set the record :O) That was quite a performance…welcome back to Philly Polly!
I think the closest to that was 5 RBI by Darren Daulton on 4/9/93.


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