Washed Out

Buses arrived early this morning, two each scheduled for Lakeland (Tigers) and Port Charlotte (Rays).  They left Bright House Networks field around 9:15 and they were empty.  Both games have been washed out.

What do you do with 58 players in the major league camp and 157 minor leaguers next door?  In both cases, some hitters got in some swings in the indoor batting cages; a few pitchers threw in the same areas. 

By 10:30, the major league clubhouse was empty.  Day off to shop, go to the movies, spend time with the family, watch basketball games, etc.

Rich Dubee took his long-range pitching plans and ripped it into shreds.  Eight pitchers were listed for the two games today.  So, he got out a new yellow pad and began writing.  Todd Zolecki will provide the details.

Tomorrow: Sunshine returns and so do the Phillies at Bright House Field, 1:05 in the afternoon against the Twins . . . Both WPHL TV and WPHT 1210 AM will carry the game . . . Alumni first ball: Larry Andersen . . . Spring Training USA will hold an 8:45 a.m. brunch in the Media Room; 120 fans are on this segment . . . Phillies scouting supervisors will arrive in camp and spend a few days here.  They have a draft prospect meeting at Carpenter Complex on Sunday morning.

Sunday: Phillies head south to Sarasota to face the Orioles . . . WPHT radio . . . Publicist John Brazer and Scott Eyre will host a post-game show on WBCB (Levittown, PA) from Sarasota.  Juan Samuel will be a guest . . . Back at Bright House Field, the “Baseball for Kids” Legends Game will take place at 6:30 p.m. (gates open at 3:30).  Darren Daulton is among the Major League Alumni who will participate.

Alumni Memories
With Larry Andersen throwing out the first ball tomorrow, here are his spring training memories, a regular feature of Phillies Insider this month. 

Phillies Alumni were asked three questions:  (1) Memories of their very first spring training; (2) What they liked the most about spring training, and (3) What did they like the least.

Larry Andersen (RHP, 1983-86; 1993-94)
“Let’s see, that was 1972 which means it was 38 years ago and you want me to remember what?  Heck, I can’t remember where I left my shoes when I get up every morning.  Well, it was in Tucson, AZ, and I was one of many minor leaguers with the Indians.  We stayed at the Flamingo Hotel, at least I think so.  Don’t remember my roommate.  But I do remember my number, 112, I think.  I was nervous, scared and after one day, fighting blisters from the Kangaroo spikes.  What did I like?  Absolutely nothing.  I grew up in Washington so the warm weather was nice.  But, I couldn’t handle the Arizona heat.  I really struggled, especially all that running.  I hated mornings.  Getting up early and riding a bus for a few hours, that wasn’t fun.  I slept through most of the bus rides; matter of fact, I slept through most of my spring trainings which was rather apparent if you saw me pitch.  I do remember being in the Mariners’ big league camp in 1981.  Maury Wills was the manager.  There was another pitcher in camp who looked like me, so they say, Brian Allard.  He was five years younger so I don’t know how we looked alike.  I guess it was because we both had hair.  Anyway, Maury got us mixed up.  He’d call me Brian, and him, Larry.  I was having a great spring, which was unusual.  Brian was having a terrible spring.  I was stressed out that Maury would pick him because he called him Larry.  Happy ending, though.  I made the club.”

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