Another Roadie

Another road trip, but a three-mile journey to nearby Dunedin doesn’t quite qualify as a “trip”.  For a turtle, three miles would be a trip.

Jamie Moyer looked sharp in another morning “B” game today.  While that was going on at Bright House Field, the “A” game players took BP at Carpenter Complex and then climbed aboard the 11:30 a.m. buses for Dunedin.

Back home tomorrow, the Tigers in town.  Alumni battery for the ceremonial first ball will be Billy DeMars (pitcher) and Mickey Morandini (catcher).

Notes:  Two live radio shows from Bright House tomorrow: Danny Bonaduce, 94 WYSP, 5:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. and Ron & Ian Show, 620 WDAE, 9 a.m. to 12 noon . . . Minor league camp is now in full swing.  Two games a day at Carpenter Field will begin on Monday.  Games are free.

Another View: Phillies and Rays played in front of a Bright House Field record crowd on last Sunday.  Here’s an interesting blog:

Alumni Memories: A daily feature–spring training memories by Phillies Alumni, who were asked three questions:  (1) Memories of their very first spring training; (2) What they liked the most about spring training, and (3) What did they like the least.

Bob Miller (RHP, 1949-58)
“My first spring training was 1950 in Clearwater, Athletic Field. #19 was hanging there for me. What a thrill to put on the Phillies uniform for the first time in spring training. My roommate was Curt Simmons, I believe. I remember coming out of the clubhouse for the first time and there must have been a thousand people cheering us. Loved spring training. A chance to get out of the cold weather in Michigan and go to a beautiful place like Clearwater. It was always great to see the guys again. I just loved being a big league player and being a Phillie. There was nothing to dislike about spring training.”

Next post: tomorrow.

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