Jaimie's Amazing.

First road game.  But, it is the most convenient “roadie”, a 3-mile, 15-minute ride north to Dunedin for a 1:05 .m. game with the Blue Jays. Heck, the trip is so short you can’t sleep on the bus. No Phillies radio or TV today but you can hear it on MLB.com.

Since it is so close, the players dress here and take BP here.  They’ll take infield at Dunedin Stadium. Bus leaves at 11:30 a.m.

Meanwhile, the Phillies and Blue Jays played a 10 a.m. “B” game at Bright House Field today.  Somewhere around 400 fans showed up to see Jamie Moyer pitch.

He’s amazing.  Three surgeries since last season, a 1-hour daily commute from Bradenton and at 9:34 a.m., he’s warming up in the bullpen.  Congress should pass a law that 46-year-old pitchers shouldn’t have to work in morning games.

Greg Casterioto, Director of the Baseball Communications Department, kidded Jamie yesterday, “They’ve got your pitching in the “B” game tomorrow morning?”  Jamie chuckled, “Only if I can get stretched in time.”

He threw 3 scoreless innings.  When he left the dugout to walk to the clubhouse at 10:42 a.m., fans applauded and he nodded.  His day wasn’t finished, however, as he had more work to be done.

Road game #2…journey to Bradenton to take on the Pirates.  Busses, 9:30 a.m. for the 1:05 p.m. game.  Players will dress in a small clubhouse in the left field corner of McKechnie Field. WPHT 1210 AM will broadcast the game.

Back at Bright House Field for the Tampa Bay Rays.  WPHT Radio again.  Phillies Alumnus Lee Elia will throw out the first ball.  Gates open at 10:35 a.m. for the 1:05 afternoon game.

Broadcaster Chris Wheeler will autograph his book, “View From The Booth”, prior to the game.

Alumni Memories
A daily feature will be spring training memories by Phillies Alumni, who were asked three questions:  (1) Memories of their very first spring training; (2) What they liked the most about spring training, and (3) What did they like the least.

Rich Schu (3B, 1984-87; 91)
“1981 in the Phillies minor league camp in Clearwater. Dean Baugh was my roommate. I remember putting on the Phillies uniform for the first time and what a thrill that was. Also remember seeing 160 guys searching for the same dream of making it to the majors. Three years later, my first camp with the big club. #53. Two roommates, Kenny Dowell and Tony Ghelfi. It was a thrill to be in the same clubhouse as my idols, such as Mike Schmidt. Always enjoyed seeing my teammates every spring training. I remember playing in those “B” games right out of bed early in the morning and then having to wait all day to play a couple of innings late in the main spring training games. There was a lot of stress trying to make the big club out of spring training.”

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