What to write?

Yes, what to write about?  Pretty quiet around here. 

The annual winter chicken dinner banquet circuit has passed.  Hype is being stored until the start of spring training when the real world begins. 

Took a journey to the Phillies clubhouse this afternoon. Pretty empty.  Every locker is completely naked.  Oh, some name plates remain above the lockers, names that finished the WS.  Roy Hallady doesn’t have a locker or name plate.  Trust me, he will.

Pallets of clear plastic containers line the hallway outside the trainer’s room.  Large red trunks, solid gray containers, duffle bags are elsewhere.  Same for bats and balls. A week from today, all of it will be loaded into a tractor-trailer rig for a journey to Clearwater. 

Charlie Manuel returned to Florida. Happy to report he didn’t see his shadow which means only two weeks until pitchers and catchers work out.  Take that Punxsutawney Phil!

See, I told you there wasn’t much to write about.


I’m exciting for you, and the Phillies nation. It is true, honour and priveledge to watch Halladay pitch. I felt that way everytime he graced the mound in Toronto. Soon you guys will wanted make that nameplate for him out of solid gold, I’m sure of it.

I want to see the Simpsons ‘We Like Roy! We Like Roy! chant’ started in Philly.


Apparently Charlies shadow is much small this year (which is a good thing) so maybe be just missed it. I CAN”T WAIT FOR SPRING TRAINING!

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