Impressive debut

Postseason Memories
Gary “Sarge” Matthews is in his third year as a Phillies broadcaster.  An outfielder, Sarge played 16 seasons in the majors with the Giants, Braves, Phillies (1981-83), Cubs and Mariners.   He was the NLCS MVP when the Phillies upended the Dodgers on this date in 1983.  His NLCS numbers: .429, 3 HR, 8 RBI.  One of his five children, Gary Jr., is an outfielder with the Angels to open their ALDS series against the Red Sox today.

What is your favorite memory of October baseball as a child?
“The New York Yankees always won when I was a kid.  Elston Howard was my favorite player.”

As a player, what was the biggest change between the regular season and postseason?
“I thought the intensity level was about the same.  But, there was so much more media to deal with.  Ticket requests from family and friends were off the chart.”

What is your fondest personal postseason memory?
“Winning the MVP is my individual memory.  As a team, we were dominated by the Dodgers that season and we got to beat them and advance to the World Series.”

Where were you when the Phillies won the World Series last October?
“I was in the broadcasting booth standing behind Harry.  Seeing and hearing him call the last out is something I will never forget.”

Postseason History
First World Series game and win for the Phillies happened on this date 94 years ago. Overall, Phils are 2-3 on this date.

Game 1 Recap
Most of the time the Phillies will beat you with their league-leading power bats.  Yesterday, no homers (wind took one away from Jayson) but all nine starters had hits and five different players drove in runs.  Another offensive weapon is their speed,  three stolen bases in five attempts.

Werth has a 10-game postseason hitting streak, second in club history to the Bull’s 13.

Impressive Debut
Cliff’s first postseason start was awash with firsts: win, hit, stolen base, complete game.  He faced 32 batters and threw 25 first-pitch strikes.  Cliff always runs to and from the mound.  It took him 10 seconds from the last out of the Phillies eighth inning to reach the mound for the top of the ninth.  Oh, first chants by the fans in that ninth:  LEE-LEE-LEE-LEE.

In print
Mike Lopresti, talented Gannett sports columnist:
“Nearly as entertaining as Lee’s pitching tutorial were groundskeepers occasionally chasing debris that the wind was blowing around the diamond.  They looked like men trying to corner a field mouse.”

Phillies Insider is on twitter as barons63.


Did you see the Rockies pitcher cleaning up the field too? Poor guy. They lose the game and he has to take out the trash too ;O)


RE: Rockies pitcher cleaning up the field….

Jenn, do you know if he was the same one who walked out to the bullpen just before the first pitch with a Dora the Explorer backpack???

Chris (Laura’s husband, we met last week in Diamond Club while you were taking pictures)

Hi Chris…sorry, I did not see who had on the backpack, but the photo I took is of Matt Daley. It was ncie to meet you at the game! Take care,


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