Garber's postseason memories

(Gene Garber offers his postseason memories today)

A native of Lancaster County (PA), Garber was a relief pitcher with the Phillies from 1974 through 1978.  He also pitched for the Pirates, Royals and Braves.  Pitched in two NLCS with the Phillies (1976-77) and one with the Braves (1982).  Now, 61, he owns and operates a 400-acre farm.

What is your favorite memory of October baseball as a child?
“Listening to Don Larsen’s perfect game in 1956 with my father who stopped planting wheat, got off the tractor and listened to the last few innings with me.”

As a player, what was the biggest change between the regular season and postseason?
“The biggest difference was that there were only two division champs with only a five-game series to go to the World Series.”

What is your fondest personal postseason memory?
“My fondest postseason memory was a game that also turned into my greatest nightmare – Black Friday against the Dodgers in 1977.”

Where were you when the Phillies won the World Series last October?
“I was sitting in the stands at Citizens Bank Park with my family and as excited as everyone around me.  I was so happy for the organization, fans and Charlie and the players.”

Ballpark was quiet at 8 this morning.  Field covered for the overnight rain.  Phillies clubhouse was empty.  TBS crews were busy setting up their cameras.  The quietness won’t last long.

Phillies postseason record on this date isn’t the best, 2-5, including the Black Friday game Garber referred to.  Time to change our luck!


Phillies Insider is on twitter as barons63.


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