Time for a new season

The marathon season is over.  Time for three sprint seasons, Division Series (best-of-5), League Championship Series (7) and the World Series (7).

The four NL postseason teams begin the first leg on Wednesday.  TBS will televise all DS games.

Everyone is analyzing the Phillies chances of repeating as the World Champions, something that hasn’t happened with a National League club since the Cincinnati Reds of 1975-76.  It isn’t easy and the Phillies don’t seem to do things the easy way.

Do the Phillies have question marks?  Certainly.  Every club does.  There are no perfect teams.  What happened in the regular season is now in the record books.  A new season starts in two days.

One thing the Phillies have that other teams don’t, an angel in the sky.  Last year it was Charlie Manuel’s mother and Shane Victorino’s grandmother.  This year, Harry Kalas. 

Day Off
Charlie, his staff and the players have the day off.  Time to get away from the ballpark.

Phillies will work out at 1 Tuesday afternoon (workout is closed to the public).  Postseason means some changes from the norm.  During the season, media is allowed in the clubhouse 3.5 hours prior to game time until an hour before the game begins.  Now, the clubhouse is closed pre-game and open as usual post-game.  An interview room is arranged pre and post workouts and games to accommodate the media.

Phillies Insider is on twitter as barons63.




Appreciate your sentiment on our angel in the sky, HK. But let’s not forget the Angels have Adenhart….just saying. Go Phils!!!

What happened to Rally Monday?

Again with the schedule the phillies are on TBS who ever heard of tbs. And the NYY are on Fox. I really don’t think the Phillies are being treated like the champs

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