Lost Weekend

Four weeks ago, the Marlins swept the Phillies in three games at Citizens Bank Park.  Charlie Manuel unloaded on the club post-game.

He vented to the media yesterday after being swept four games by the Astros.  Charlie was upset because the bats really labored over the Labor Day weekend.  Runners In Scoring Position turned into Runners In Stranded Position.

Except for Friday night’s washout, the other three losses were by one run.  In each case, the starting pitching did the job, the bullpen lost twice and the offense was home run or no run.  We no longer lead the NL in runs scored.  The red hot Rockies have climbed to the top.

Now, the good news: Those games are gone.  No panicking, no grousing, no jumping off the bandwagon. 

Time to focus on tonight, the first of 10 games against the bottom two teams in the NL East. 

Phillies are 10-2 against the Nationals, riding a seven-game winning streak.  Last time we saw the Nationals was at the end of May.  Their winning percentage then was .280.  Since then, .379; not great but not an easy touch anymore. 

Minor League Notes
Reading Phillies clinched a wildcard playoff spot this weekend in Connecticut (Norwich).  Following yesterday’s last-game loss, their bus headed for Ohio (Akron) for the start of the first round of playoffs.

Lakewood BlueClaws won the first half in the South Atlantic League North Division.  Their bus left Maryland (Salisbury) after last evening’s final game for North Carolina (Kannapolis) and the start of the first round.

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