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Recently saw a replica Mike Schmidt jersey that was white with blue in stripes (not the normal red).  Did the Phillies ever wear this jersey (if so what year) or was it a factory color mistake?

Phillies Insider:
No, the Phillies never wore a blue pinstriped uniform.  There are a lot of variations of our uniform being sold these days, same for caps. 

I was wondering, you have a tribute to HK iin the Hall of Fame Club.  Why don’t you consider moving it to the main concourse where everyone, including the average fan who can’t afford tickets to the HOF Club can also see it?

Phillies Insider:
Harry’s display is part of a larger display of other Philadelphia baseball memorabilia in the Hall of Fame Club.  When we designed Citizens Bank Park, we felt the best location for such displays was the enclosed Hall of Fame Club.  It is a climate-controlled area which is needed when you have valuable memorabilia on display.  And, the HOF Club is the most secure area, also of importance.
Hi.  You have Ashburn Alley so why don’t you name a place in Citizens Bank Park Kalas’ Korner?

Phillies Insider:
When we opened Citizens Bank Park, we unveiled Harry the K’s Broadcast Bar & Grille in left field, adjacent to Ashburn Alley.  We thought it was fitting to have this dining area named after Harry.  There are two levels as part of the scoreboard structure.

When Harry passed away, we placed a plaque on the TV booth in memory of Harry.  The radio book contains a plaque in memory of Richie.  We had done that at the Vet and moved the plaque to Citizens Bank Park. 

Why did the Phillies take the World Series patches off the uniforms?

Phillies Insider:
We decided, several months ago, to discontinue the World Series trophy tour at the end of June.  Next, were the WS patches on the uniforms.  And, at some point soon, the WS banners that are mounted on poles that surround the perimeter of Citizens Bank Park will be changed.  Focus should be on the present and not the past anymore.

The patches actually weren’t removed.  New jerseys were purchased.  Hopefully, another patch can be sewn on those jerseys in a few weeks.

On Saturday’s Alumni Night, my family and I were guests of Fred Schmidt (my step father).  I would like to thank everyone involved who put on this event.  We were treated wonderful and could not have asked for anything better.  What a great time was had by Fred, my mother, wife, son and myself.  Thank you Philadelphia Phillies.

Phillies Insider:
You are welcome.  We are very proud of our Alumni and so glad Freddie could join us.

For those who aren’t familiar with the name Freddie Schmidt, he pitched for the Phillies in 1947,  At age 83, his the sixth oldest living Phillie.  The oldest is first baseman Art Mahan, 96.  He was unable to join us on Alumni Night.

Kathy Ozark:
I want to thank you for the wonderful time we had Saturday at Alumni Night.  It was very thoughtful to include Ginny, my husband and me.  My father-in-law meant the world to me.  I’m still in awe and very grateful for all you did to make us feel welcome.

Phillies Insider:
You are welcome.  Danny meant a lot to the Phillies organization.  We are just so pleased that his widow could be here and accept a Phillies Alumni jersey #3 that Danny had worn two years ago at our Alumni Night.  It was really cool to have Charlie Manuel present the jersey to Ginny, a very touching and emotional moment.

Phillies Insider also appears on twitter as barons63.




Watching Charlie with Ginny was really touching. She is adorable and makes me miss my Grandma. Great job on everything that weekend!
So I have decided that Cliff Lee is an angel sent from heaven; you should see the photo of his descent on my site. Going to hang it on my wall :O)


Well,…it looks as though Charlie Manuel better drag out that note pad and start listing reasons why the Phitin’ Phillies will not make that “magic number 3” come to pass. I can think of at LEAST nine or ten reasons,…No.1; Brad Lidge,… No.2; Brad Lidge,…No. 3; Brad Lidge,…etc, etc….

Happy Birthday , ROBIN ROBERTS . I still have your signature
glove MacGregor . I pitched a no-hitter with it in little league
in Newport News , Va. My little Sister , Becky , shared the
same Birthday , she passed away two years ago from breast cancer . I wasn’t born when you started pitching for
the Phillies in 48′ born in 49′ . I do know from some of the
ol’ times that , Duke Snyder , Chuck Conners ( The Rifleman),
an other Pro’s came through our area as the Penisula Gray’s. Glad you’re still around to give encouragement to the Phillies , thanks for giving Cole Hamel’s your heads up .
You’re never too old to be appreciated as the Phillies an
many others have benefited an still do . Happy Birthday ,
Mr. Robin Roberts , Philadelphia Hall of Famer , not by chance , by character .

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