Pedro In Rotation

Headline on the back page of today’s Philly Daily News: YOUTH MOVEMENT.  Phillies to start 37 year-old Martinez tomorrow; 46-year-old Moyer sent to the bullpen.

All the speculation is now history as Charlie and Dubee made the announcement yesterday.  Will be interesting to see the Comcast SportsNet TV ratings tomorrow night.  Game is also on ESPN, but blacked out in the Philadelphia market.

Jamie last pitched in relief, one outing, in 2004.  Before that, 1996, 13 appearances with the Red Sox before he was traded to Seattle on July 30.  He made only one start that year between May 3 and July 2 and that was against the Mariners on May 21. 

Where were you in 1996?  Please don’t tell me you weren’t born.

Every Monday this month, except the 24th, the Phillies are not scheduled.  In September, they have two days off, 14th and 21st.  September also has doubleheaders on the 13th and 22nd.  So, another starter will be needed in that time frame.

Blood Drive
This Saturday the Phillies are hosting a blood drive at Citizens Bank Park.  Fans who donate blood will have the chance to take a photo wearing the real World Series Championship ring. You need to bring your own camera and must pre-register. So far, over 1,300 fans have registered.  

Yes, medial staff personnel will be on hand in case you faint from (1) giving blood or (2) wearing the ring.  Very fast security will also be there so don’t try to bolt out of the park with the ring on your finger. 

Suppose you put the ring on one of your fingers and can’t get it off.  Yes, carpenters will also be standing by.


Phillies Insider is also on twitter as barons63.


1996 – I was working as a radio disc jockey! And 37 is NOT old – I should know ;O)
Really wish I could participate in the blood drive but I have RA so they probably won’t let me donate :O( Can I force a friend to donate and then do all the fun stuff in their place? I have a few victims in mind…LOL


Oh yeah, I was born WELL before 1996. We just won’t go into how far before. If I weren’t so squeamish about the idea of giving blood I’d be tempted. Gotta admit I did wonder what would happen if someone got it stuck on their finger – though those things are so huge that would be tough. I assume they’ll be using a Phanatic-sized one so there’s no chance of that?😉
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