Lost Weekend

Give the Marlins credit.  They came wallowing into Philly after a three-game sweep in DC.  This time they had the broom. The Marlins did everything right, good defense, clutch hitting, tough pitching.  Phillies didn’t.

Charlie wasn’t happy with the way we played and held a rare post-game meeting. 

The team that leads the NL in scoring has been in a two-week offensive funk, or in Phillies language, phunk. .  Over the last two weeks, a .159 average with runners on second and third.  That covers 13 games, of which five are wins. 

Glass half empty, three straight losses.  Glass half full, a four-game lead with seven weeks of tense baseball remaining.

When you woke up on August 10 last year, the Phillies were in first by two games and everybody was happy.

Road Warriors
Phillies leave for Chicago this evening, night, night, day in Wrigley, starting tomorrow.  Then, on to Atlanta to end the six-game trip, night, day, night. 13 of next 16 games are on the road.  Hopefully, the Phillies can continue to carry the NL’s best road record (31-19).

National TV
Wednesday night, ESPN; Saturday, FOX; Sunday, ESPN Sunday night game.

Alumni Weekend
Batting challenge yesterday wrapped up the three-day Alumni Weekend.

Gray uniform team of Ricky Bottalico and Ricky Jordan easily won the batting challenge. Jordon is the lone hitter out of six to go yard.  He hit two into the left field seats off Mick Billmeyer.

Final scores: gray, 101 points; red (Eisenreich/Wild Thing), 78; blue (Thompson/Noles), 66. 

Best news, all six survived with no injuries.

In response to a posted comment (list those who were here for Alumni Night on Saturday):

Dick Allen, Howie Bedell, Bob Boone, Ricky Bottalico, John Briggs, Jim Bunning, Marty Bystrom, Steve Carlton, Larry Christenson, Doug Clemens, Darren Daulton, Bob Dernier, Ron Diorio, Jim Eisenreich, Gene Garber, Dallas Green, Tyler Green, Tommy Greene, Don Hasenmayer, Dave Hollins, Keith Hughes, Tommy Hutton, Ricky Jordan, Jim Kaat, John Kruk, Mike Lieberthal, Garry Maddox, Art Mahaffey, Maje McDonnell, Rogers McKee, Mickey Morandini, Al Neiger, Dickie Noles, Robin Roberts, Jim Schaffer, Freddie Schmidt, Mike Schmidt, Rich Surhoff, Tony Taylor, Fred Wenz, Mitch Williams and Bobby Wine


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1 Comment

Ugly weekend. But the batting challenge was fun. Mitch looked like he might swing himself right out of his shoes! Glad he walked away in one piece :O)


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