Goosebump City for HK Ceremonies

Aug 8

For 30 years Harry Kalas was the voice of the Phillies Wall of Fame ceremonies.  What do you do when he is the inductee posthumously?

Video Dan Stephenson, the creative head of the Phillies video department, said, “I believe through our video archives, I can find Harry’s voice when he introduced the Wall of Famers.”  Eleven Wall of Famers were going to be there last night for Harry’s ceremony.

Sure enough, Video Dan was able to locate Hary’s voice for the introductions of the 11.  It was a little weird at first but really cool.  Very touching.

We felt Mike Schmidt would be the perfect MC and he was.  Given some guidelines, Schmitty wrote the script.  He was a talented player.  He’s an equally talented writer.

He invited the sellout crowd to count down the unveiling of the plaque.  Once unveiled, the plaque got a standing ovation, a first.  Goosebumps city.

Video Dan did a terrific job in recapturing some of Harry’s calls during a 4-minute video. More goosebumps.

Todd Kalas spoke so well on behalf of the family.  He and his brother, Brad and Kane, concluded the night with a ride in a Toyota Solara convertible, a victory lap around the warning track, a tradition for the Wall of Fame ceremonies. While that was happening, another Harry video, this one had him singing “High Hopes.”  A perfect ending to a perfect evening.

Better than reading about last night, check out video on Just click on the Video Corner, upper right-hand corner of the home page.

Phillies Insider is also on twitter as barons63.

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Could you please post a list of the alumni that returned for the weekend? I think this weekend is great every year, but Alumni Night is the one event that isn’t covered on TV. Not everybody can get tickets. I’m interested to see which guys came back.

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