Alumni Weekend is Here

Beautiful day for Harry the K.

Tonight at 7 o’clock, Harry Kalas will be inducted posthumously into the Phillies Wall of Fame, the first non-player since we began honoring former greats in 1978.

Harry’s 14″x20″ cast bronze plaque was installed early this morning by Steve Vinciquerra, a carpenter here at Citizens Bank Park.  Steve also draped the plaque. It will be officially unveiled during the ceremonies.

If you don’t have a ticket for tonight’s game and Harry’s s induction, be aware the ceremonies will be carried live on if you live in downtown London or ComcastSportsNet if you are in Comcast country.

Tomorrow is Toyota Alumni Night.  The 6:30 p.m. ceremony will not be carried on TV or

Sunday, the Alumni Batting Challenge at 12:30 p.m.

Three teams will compete: Milt Thompson and Dickie Noles . . . Jim Eisenreich and Mitch Williams. . . Ricky Jordan and Ricky Bottalico. 

Why pitchers in a batting challenge?  Bottalico was an amateur catcher and left-handed slugger . . . Noles batted .308 in 1980 . . . Who will ever forget Mitch’s 4:30 a.m. single that won a doubleheader on July 2, 1993, against the Padres at the Vet?

Don’t tell anyone, but Mitch has been hitting the batting cages.  He’s taking this seriously.

Phillies Insider is also on twitter as barons63.

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