Home Cookin?

SF was chilly compared to Philly.  So were Phils’ bats out there. Last six games, we’ve scored 14 runs, fewest in the NL. 

Well, it’s back home to hot and humid weather….”hittin’ season” as Charlie Manuel likes to call it. In last 17 home games (13 wins), team hit .297 with 118 runs.  That’s home cookin.

Charlie, his staff and the five All-Stars had their first day off yesterday since June 29.  Good time to recharge.  Hopefully, the bats are the same.

Interesting Note
SportsIllustrated.com story:  In 2006, the Phillies picked up Jamie Moyer for the stretch run.  He went 5-2 that year.  In 2007, Kyle Lohse was added.  He went 3-0.  Last year, Joe Blanton came aboard.  He was 4-0. 

Now, Cliff Lee, who was very impressive in his first game (win) with the Phillies on Friday.  He’s set to make his Citizens Bank Park debut on Thursday afternoon. Fans will be pumped.

Minor League blog
Paul Hagen, in today’s Daily News, wrote about a blog being written by Brian Gump who plays for the Gulf Coast League Phillies in Clearwater.  www.briangump.blogspot.com is the site.

Gump, taken in the 26th round this June out of college, leads his team with a .329 average in 26 games.  Gulf Coast League Phillies play all day games in the pleasant Florida summer sun.  His blog provides an inside view of life in the minors.

Wonder if Brian is related to Forest Gump?

Quote of the week
“It’s really embarrassing when your parents don’t name you,” Dodgers manager Joe Torre, on the unnamed source that disclosed last week that Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz had failed drug tests six years ago

Phillies Insider is also on twitter at barons63.

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