Road Trip
3 Phillies wins
4 Phillies losses
20 runs scored
.125 team slugging percentage
.205 team batting average

2009 Season
8 weeks remaining
18 teams in playoff hunt
59-44 Phillies record
5 games ahead of Marlins

2008 Season
54-49 Phillies record
2 tied for 2nd, 2 games out

MLB Sunday
15  games
0 balks
1 complete game (Jon Garland)
2 sellouts
34 home runs hit
115 pitchers used

6 games (Rockies, Marlins 3 each)
6 anticipated number of sellouts

Phillies Insider is also on twitter as barons63.


1 Comment

The Phillies should be happy to be home after that. I know I am – it was way too cold out there for my taste! Now lets get some wins!
Oh, by the way, I was in the Visitors clubhouse at AT&T Park yesterday and Eric Bruntlett left a card behind that was addressed to him. It was just sitting on the counter when you walk in. Maybe pass that on and see if you can get the clubhouse manager to mail it to him? Would have snagged it for ya, but did not want to intrude ;O)


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