The Pen

This time, the formula didn’t work.

Wednesday night in New York, we were held to 1 run on 3 hits through 6 innings.  We came back and won in extra innings.  Next night, 1 run, 4 hits, 6 innings, another come-from-behind extra-inning victory.

Last night, 1 run, 2 hits, 6 innings.  Ryan tied it in the 9th but that was all the scoring we could muster and the Red Sox record at Citizens Bank Park improved to 13-3.  No wonder Terry Francona loves the place.

Three runs Kendrick gave up in the 13th inning ended a 15-inning scoreless streak by the bullpen and dropped us three games under .500 at home. 

Why we struggle at home?  A perplexing puzzle.  Hey, here’s an idea, wear the gray road uniforms at home!

The Pen
Major League Baseball Productions will air the first of a five-part reality series called The Pen.  Tune in at 8 o’clock Sunday night on the MLB Network. 

It is about the Phillies bullpen, behind the scenes using cameras and microphones.  Associate Producer Danny Fields even suited up as a catcher in spring training with a camera attached to his mask.

Other airings: June 21 (9 p.m.), June 28, July 12, July 19, July 26, all 8:30 p.m.  Prior to each new episode, the previous week’s show will air in its entirety. 

National TV
ESPN will carry Wednesday night’s game against the Blue Jays at Citizens Bank Park.  Telecast will be blacked out in the Philadelphia market.



Ahhh note to Bud Selig, great replay rule, now we need a new rule on an appeal directly to the MLB control center in New York!
How can these umps have not replayed this Greg Dobbs homerun ‘foul’ is a crime. That’s what the technology is there for, if it’s in question it should be reviewed!

There’s a new Phillies fan’s magazine out, get it while it’s hot!


That “foul” ball last night was ridiculous. I’m with Rich – why do we have the replay and allow the umps to randomly decide not use it in game-changing situations? I freeze framed the video and it is clear that the ball would have hit the pole if it were taller:
Very sad to allow this to happen.


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