Don’t remember a better catch than Jayson’s game-saving dive in the 10th inning last night.  Cole struggled but the bullpen put up six zeroes and Chase came through with the game-winning homer in the 11th.

TV ratings the last two nights were season highs for both myphl17 (11 rating on Tuesday night) and Comcast SportsNet (9, last night).

Fans were at the ticket windows this morning.  We’re home only nine games this month, starting tomorrow night against the Boston Red Sox. They’re running their aces to the mound for the three games this weekend, Lester-Matsuzaka-Beckett. 

Draft Update
Rounds four through 30 were held yesterday by conference call with MLB’s New York office. 

The magnetic boards in the Phillies war room are really bare.   Remaining 20 rounds are today.

Brown Injured
Clearwater’s All-Star outfielder Dominic Brown will be lost for close to a month with a broken finger on his right hand.  He was hit by a pitch on Tuesday night.

Pardon Me
MLB gets criticized for starting World Series games at 8:30 (EDT).  NBA Finals are starting at 9.
Perhaps the criticism means MLB is held to a higher standard.

Draft History
Without a first round selection, the Phillies first pick in the 2009 First-Year Player Draft on Tuesday night was the 75th overall.

Looking over the current Phillies and their overall-selections:

12 Brett Myers, Phillies, 1999, 1st round
15 Chase Utley, Phillies, 2000, 1st
17 Brad Lidge, Astros, 1998, 1st
 Cole Hamels, Phillies, 2002, 1st
22 Jayson Werth, Orioles, 1997, 1st
24 Joe Blanton, A’s 2002, 1st
46 Jimmy Rollins, Phillies, 1996, 2nd
79 Chad Durbin, Royals, 1996, 3rd
92 J. A. Happ, Phillies, 2004, 3rd
135 Jamie Moyer, Cubs, 1984, 6th
140 Ryan Howard, Phillies, 2001, 5th
194 Shane Victorino, Phillies, Dodgers, 1999, 6th
248 Scott Eyre, Rangers, 1991, 9th
254 Ryan Madson, Phillies, 1998, 9th
277 Eric Bruntlett, Astros, 2000, 9th
633 J. C. Romero, Twins, 1997, 21st
1006 Raul Ibanez, Mariners, 1992, 36th















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