Draft Time

5-2 in California could have better.  But, it could have been work.  Scene now shifts to eastern end of the country and a three-game series with the Mets that starts tomorrow night in New York. 

Meanwhile, back at Citizens Bank Park, scouting Director Marti Wolever and his staff are putting the finishing touches in preparation for the First-Year Player Draft.  It begins at 6 p.m. tomorrow with round one live on the MLB Network (6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.) and compensation picks and rounds 2-3 on MLB.com (8:40 p.m. to 10:07 p.m.).  Website will have complete coverage of the entire draft, which includes day 2 on Wednesday (12 noon start) and day 3 on Thursday (11:30 a.m. start).  50 rounds is the maximum number of rounds.

Since we gave up our first round selection to Seattle when we signed Raul Ibanez, we won’t pick until the 75th overall selection in round 2.  After that, 106 in round 3. 

Dallas Green and I will be at the MLB Network studio tomorrow and Dallas gets to announce our first selection.  Each team will have two representatives in the Secaucus, NJ, studio.

The Draft Room on the Hall of Fame Club level is Wolever’s war room.   Eight large magnetic boards rim the room.  825 players are listed, blue representing college players and red, high school players.  Every staff member in the room has a lap top and a red binder, which also contains the 825 names.

Players are ranked from the top to bottom in four different categories, college pitchers and position players and the same for high schoolers.  As players are selected, the magnetic name plates are removed.

Some name plates include colored dots, red indicating a health concern; orange, college seniors and green, signability issues.

Today and tomorrow morning will mean more phone calls to the area scouts scattered around the country.   Last-minute calls are made to check out last-minute updates, whether it is an injury inquiry or a signability issue.

Draft Facts
**Since the first daft in 1965, 55,846 players have been selected.

**Right-handed pitchers lead the way, 18,712; catchers bring up the rear, 5,795.

**Last year, 1,504 selections; 1965, 813.

**The Diamondbacks lost three ranked free agents last winter, Orlando Hudson, Juan Cruz and Brandon Lyon.  They will have six selections before the Phillies pick at #75.

Reaching the Majors
According to an estimate by the Elias Sports Bureau, approximately 16,900 players have appeared in at least one Major League game all-time (Phillies, 1,856 different players).  The approximate average length of a career is five years.

There are 750 roster slots in MLB for the most of the year at a given time.  A total of 1,291 players appeared in at least one MLB game a year ago.

Next Post
It will be Wednesday, an inside look at the Phillies first three selections.


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