Offense to blame

Tough way to end a 7-game fun ride last night.

Pedro, who has played brilliant defense, made a crucial error and Brad couldn’t close it out.  Got to give Pedro credit, he didn’t hide from the media, “I just missed it. I have nothing more to say.” 

Blame really should rest with the offense, 11 runners left on base, 1 for 13 with runners in scoring position.  We had numerous chances to put it away and we didn’t.  Brad had 2 strikes on all but Ethier but couldn’t put them away. 

When we score 3 or more runs, 31-5; 3 or less runs, 1-13. 

Quality pitching is the name of the game and that’s what had us riding high.  Jamie’s turned it around as have all the starters.  Over the long haul, pitching tells the story.

National TV for the next two games, FOX this afternoon and ESPN on Sunday night.  Then, on to New York for 3 with the walking-wounded Mets starting Tuesday. 

We’re home with the Boston Red Sox next weekend, the start of 15 games against the A.L. East.



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