Big LA Weekend

On to LA where the Dodgers have the best record in the NL (37-18) and also at home (20-6).  We’re 31-20 and riding a 6-game winning streak as the hottest team in the NL and the league’s best road record (19-6).  Perfect setting for a four-game weekend series that features two national telecasts, FOX on Saturday afternoon and ESPN on Sunday night.

LA swept us in four in Dodger Stadium last August, but when we returned in October, we took two of three to get into the World Series.

Everything clicked last night in San Diego, great starting pitching, great defense, another Ryan blast and small ball producing a run (J-Roll single, stolen base, Werth single).  Dobber, J-Roll, Pedro and Chase all turned in Web Gems. 

Always thought the 1980 team was our best defensive team.  Not so sure anymore.

Happ was outstanding, pounding the strike zone in his seven innings.  Over the last 15 games, the starter has pitched into the sixth inning 13 times.  Our record ? 11-4.  

Great to have J. C. back in the bullpen.  He certainly adds depth to an already good pen.

Two buses left Peto Park for LA after the game last night.  Not a long drive.  The Reading Phillies leave after tonight’s game at home in one bus for Manchester, NH, where they play tomorrow night.  This bus ride is seven hours long.  Ah, life in the minors.

Because of the 8 p.m. (EDT) game Sunday in LA, the Phillies charter flight after that game is due to arrive in New York at 6:30 a.m. Monday.  Good there’s no game that day.

RHP Kyle Drabek made an impressive AA debut last night at Reading with seven shutout innings. Recorded 11 ground ball outs.  He joined Reading just in time for the seven-hour bus ride tonight.




The defense has been really impressive; Howard’s improvements have made a HUGE difference! Let’s keep it going!
And Happy Birthday to JC!


Thank you for the updates Mr. Shenk, I can’t wait to see Drabek in a Phillies uniform. He has come back throwing hard after his Tommy John surgery! Anyway, I remember I met you once. I follow the Phillies a lot in various stadiums and you and your wife sat in front of my dad and I back in 2007 in Seattle. We sat directly behind you, third base side, second row. We even struck up a conversation together. Hope all is well and thanks again.

South Philly native

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