May 2009

Chooch is Back

Chooch is back on the active roster and Lou Marson has been sent back to Lehigh Valley where he’ll catch every day.  Ruiz has been missed.  He has a way of handling the pitching staff.  Whatever he adds with the bat is a plus.

Phillies continue to lead the league in home runs, runs per game and runs after the seventh inning.  But, falling behind early will catch up to a team no matter how good the offense.

Starting pitching still hasn’t settled in.  The bullpen has a 2.61 ERA over the last 11 games which is excellent. 

Defensively, the Phillies are the best in the NL They committed their fourth error last night, a questionable call on Chase. 

Pitching and defense are keys to winning.  We just need to get the pitching straightened out.  We know we’ll score runs.

Raul continues to impress with the bat (and in the field and on the bases).  As a reader pointed out, Raul replacing Burrell ranks up there with Carlton/Wise, Schilling/Grimsley and Abreu/Stocker.  The latter three were trades.

National TV this afternoon.